Is This A Blessing From God?


I was born again a year ago, and have slowly been realizing what God expects of me as a believer as I read more and more what His word says. A while ago I started working toward paying a full tithe and am now doing so. I feel that I have received many blessings already from our Lord. One thing I’ve prayed for is to be readmitted to a college program I flunked out of in 2003. It was a long shot , but I applied anyway and was accepted as if I had never left. Is it OK for me to see this as a blessing I received from seeking His kingdom first? Is it OK for believers to want to excel in a career?



Psalm 37:4 says when we delight ourselves in the Lord He will give us the desire of our heart.

Your re-admission may be an example of that. Also, it appears you’ve yielded your life to the Lord. If so, this could be evidence of His will for you as Romans 12:1-2 teaches.

The Lord does some of His greatest work through ordinary people who appear to be leading a normal life, but have dedicated that life to Him. If you believe He’s leading you along this career path, you should expect to see other ways in which He’s helping you succeed.

You should also be on the lookout for clues that will help you discover how He wants you to use your career to bring glory to Him.