Is This A Good time To Be Having Children?


My husband and I are Christians and try to seek God’s will for our lives. We’ve been married a few years now and have recently began talking (and praying) about starting a family. If all these terrible events are right around the corner, are we unwise to bring innocent children into this world?


Raising children is a big responsibility. You’re to be commended for praying about it and seeking the Lord’s will for your lives before deciding.

Children below the age of understanding automatically belong to the Lord and will go in the Rapture before the End Times Judgments begin in earnest. If you and your husband feel the Lord leading you to start a family, then know that He’ll watch over the children you have, since He considers them His own (Matt. 18:10).

Bearing offspring is one of God’s earliest admonitions to humans (Genesis 1:28) and I don’t know of a single passage in Scripture where He specifically warns against it. For Jews in Israel when the anti-Christ appears, He says it will be a dreadful time for pregnant women and nursing mothers, (Matt 24:19) but even there He doesn’t tell them not to do it.

Therefore, it is generally in God’s will that married couples have children. If you sincerely seek His will specifically for you, I’m sure you’ll get a clear answer.