Is Today’s Israel The Same As The Biblical One?


I have a question. I have searched Scripture to try and find where God told the UN to establish a State and name it Israel. Is the State established in 1948 the same Israel talked about in the Bible? A friend asked me to Pray for Israel, and I’m willing to do that, but I am confused as to who Israel really is. She does not know either, not really.

Joshua 1:4 speaks to what God told Joshua. There is so much confusion in this world, I am seeking to find out what is truth from God’s Word. Can you help by providing me with Biblical information/Scripture?


From before the time that the Israelites first saw the promised land, they were told that they’d be scattered through out the world and then brought back in the Latter Days (Deut. 30).

In Ezekiel 37 you’ll find the famous “dry bones” vision, a prophecy of Israel’s regathering beginning after WW2 and continuing to this day. The English first began to push for a Jewish homeland in 1917. When the UN finally recognized the right of the Jewish people to a land of their own in 1948, they carved out the small stretch of land that borders the Mediterranean where the ancient Jews had lived.

David ben Gurion was the nation’s first Prime Minister. Using the prophecy from Ezekiel 37, he named the land Israel. The Jewish people are descendants of the ancient Israelites who occupied that land in Biblical times.