Is Yoga OK?


What is your opinion on the art of yoga? I am saved and a Christian but I just started taking yoga and it’s been beneficial for stress-relief, toning etc. But it also involves something else other than exercise, I am told. I heard it involves the religion of Hinduism and I also notice during class there is an air of ” The Secret”, although it’s not mentioned. But they do mention having all power within us and things of that nature. My question is, Do you think I am able to practice and/or teach yoga for the beneficial aspects of it and not offend God?


I know there can be a connection between yoga and the Eastern religions depending on how it’s practiced. It sounds like the group you exercise with may be involved in yoga’s religious aspects. I also know there are Christian yoga groups who limit themselves to just the physical benefits, and if you want to continue with yoga you should check to see if there are any such groups in your area. The danger you currently face is to be progressively drawn in to the religion without realizing it until it’s too late. If you’re born again you can’t lose your salvation, but the practice of a pagan religion, no matter how innocent it appears to be, is an offense to the Lord.