Isaiah 17 And Ezekiel 38


In light of current headlines I was wondering if there is a link between the destruction of Damascus prophesied in Isa 17:1 and the battle of Ezek 38 lead by Iran? I find it very interesting that Iran has placed their National Security Adviser in Damascus. Is there any scripture that puts the timing of the two prophesies close together?


Iran has said that they will view any Israeli attack on Syria as an attack on Iran. The presence of their NSA is supposed to convey the seriousness of this message. In reality I think he’s there to help control the Hezbollah, since Iran is their major sponsor.

There’s no direct connection between Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. But I believe that if the current situation escalates it’s much more likely to become a fulfillment of Isaiah 17 than of Ezekiel 38. I don’t think Iran and Russia dare attack Israel while the US is still a viable and dangerous ally.