Has Isaiah 17 Been Fulfilled?


I was preaching the other day about the Rapture when the Lord gave me an insight regarding Isaiah 17. He said: please notice that Damascus has been nearly destroyed and will not return to be a city anymore. I just met with an Arab friend who went there and he confirmed that. I understand it is the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 that occurred just in front of our eyes (not in the real sense because it didn’t appear on TV). What do you think?


Isaiah 17:1 says, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins” and verse 3 tells us the royal power will disappear from Damascus. These things have not happened yet.

Recent news reports tell us that Syria is a nation in name only, with various parts controlled by different competing groups. But the City of Damascus is still inhabited and the Assad family still rules from there. Until those things change Isaiah 17 will not be literally fulfilled.

Therefore, the Lord must have been telling you that His prophecy concerning Damascus will soon be fulfilled, not that it already has been.