Isaiah 60 And The New Jerusalem


I have been reading your posts about the new Jerusalem and the light that it will afford to the earth. This morning I was in Isiah 60.  Do verses 19 onwards foretell this event, the new Jerusalem affording light to the earth?  The last verse 22b is awesome, “I am the LORD; in its time I will hasten it”  Amen, come Lord Jesus!


I believe Isaiah 60:19-22 gives us a preview of Rev. 22:5 which tells us the new holy city in Israel will experience some of the same conditions as the New Jerusalem.  We can tell Rev. 22:5 is not a repeat of Rev. 21:23, because Rev. 22:2 describes the tree of life , which brings healing to the nations, and Rev. 22:3 speaks of the curse being gone and the throne of God and the Lamb being in the Holy City.  These are all earth related, and are not mentioned in connection with the New Jerusalem.