ISIS, Islam, And The End Times


I’ve been reading more and more about ISIS expansion and recruitment in the world, the latest is in Tunisia and now Cyprus is concerned. Could it be that ISIS is the vehicle used by the Anti-Christ to come to power, meaning that Islam will be the ruling power in the world at the return of Jesus? Also, does the Bible mention beheading as a form of punishment for Christians in the end times, which would also support the belief that Islam will be the ruling power?


If they have their way, the Islamic State will eventually control at least the middle East and perhaps large portions of the West. And you have probably read that the Pakistani branch of the Taliban has just sworn allegiance to the Islamic State, which opens up a door to the East. If the West can muster up the will to really fight them while there’s still time, maybe their momentum can be stopped. But if not they could become the vehicle through which the anti-Christ gains control.

The Bible does mention beheading as the anti-Christ’s preferred method of execution, at least for Tribulation believers. Rev. 20:4 speaks of their resurrection at the time of the Second Coming. These facts both point toward the possibility of Islam being the dominant religion of the end times.