Islam And The End Times, Follow Up


After reading your article titled Islam And The End Times, I have several questions. Given Islam’s unpopular reputation as a very violent religion, how could post Rapture masses willingly follow a leader representing it? Also, if Israel at that time considers this fiendish peacemaker to be the Messiah they were looking for since Old Testament history, then how could they cooperate with and endorse him by allowing him to construct a Jewish temple near Jerusalem? Isn’t the anti-Christ supposed to be of Jewish descent to make this arrangement? If the the aforementioned is accurate then how will this future ruler be of Islamic origin?


The facts show us that even now Islam is becoming very popular. It’s already the fastest growing religion on Earth, and even in Western Europe and the US Islam is making remarkable inroads. After the rapture this will only increase for two reasons. First, as is the case in all times of uncertainty, people will be desperately seeking something to hold onto. When they see the miracles the false prophet and anti-Christ seem to perform most will be persuaded that these men come from God. Second, as a consequence of them having rejected Him, God Himself will cause them to be deluded into thinking this way. 2 Thes. 2:9-12 explains this.

Also, there is no scripture to support the idea that the anti-Christ will be Jewish. On the contrary, Daniel 11:37 tells us the anti-Christ will show no regard for the God of his fathers, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself. This is confirmed in 2 Thes. 2:4. And in Ezekiel 44:7, when God returns to the Temple in Israel after the 2nd Coming one of His first criticisms of Israel will be that they let foreigners, uncircumcised in heart or flesh enter His sanctuary. He was referring to the anti-Christ and the false prophet who will take over the temple during the great tribulation.

In Rev. 17:15-18 we see that the anti-Christ will not be a true follower of the end times religion, but will use it to achieve his purpose. When he no longer needs it, he will bring this false religion to ruin.