Islamic Prophecies Of Al Mahdi


I’m sending you an article that says our current economic strife is a sign that al Mahdi is coming soon. I was wondering if this article is significant concerning anything that’s happening now in Bible prophecy? Thank you.


The article, by a leading Turkish intellectual, claimed that the Prophet Mohamed listed specific signs that would precede al Mahdi’s coming, and showed how these signs are being fulfilled in current events. According to the article several have already been fulfilled and the world wide economic strife we’re currently experiencing is the most recent one.

For Moslems this is like the Lord’s comments in Matt. 24 that recognizable signs would precede His return at the End of the Age are to Christians.

Where prophecy is concerned, the most interesting thing to me is that al Mahdi, sometimes called the Moslem Messiah, is described by Islamic prophecy in a way that appears very similar to the anti-Christ. Both are predicted to come on the scene during a time of great turmoil, both will restore peace, both will achieve world dominance in government and religion, both will reign for 7 years, and both are thought to be very near. It’s like they’re describing the same person.

As for how near they think he might be, the President of Iran claims that he was put here on Earth to prepare the way for al Mahdi, and that his return is imminent.