Israel’s Calendar Discrepancy


If the age of man is supposed to be 6,000 years and we expect the Lord to return soon, Why is the Hebrew calendar only at 5770 years? This seems like an odd number if indeed we are so close to the end?


First of all, 6,000 years is not a number that came from God. It’s an approximation originating with mankind that appears to be accurate in the general sense. Second, while Israel’s calendar is thought to have begun at the Creation, some scholars believe that when ancient Israel was under subjugation by a foreign nation or out of the land entirely their calendar didn’t advance. They disagree on the exact number of years that might have been lost, but if their opinion is correct it’s at least 181 and may exceed 200. Whatever the actual number, Israel’s official calendar is probably not a reliable indicator of our closeness to the Lord’s return.