Israel’s Flight From The Anti-Christ


As I understand scripture and your explanations, it seems that there will be two flights from Jerusalem. First is the immediate flight into the desert to Bosrah/Petra, taking not even a moment to grab a coat, at the news of the Abomination and the start of the Great Tribulation. Then there’ll will be a second flight at the fall of the City during Armageddon. At least three and one-half years must elapse between the two flights to allow time for the Great Tribulation to take place. Am I correct thus far?

Are we told why the rush to escape the city? Should one assume that God will be enraged by the Abomination and begin raining fire, etc. immediately? Should one assume the Elect will be protected during their escape if they have obeyed the command to be quick? Is there a planned, quick get-away, escape route for the first evacuation at that time?


Yes, there are 2 flights, one at the beginning of the Great Tribulation and the other one at the end. The reason for the rapid flight at the beginning is that the persecution of the believing Jews will begin immediately, since they’ll strongly reject the anti-Christ’s claim that he’s God. The Bible doesn’t speak of any planned route, saying instead that they’ll fly there on the wings of a great eagle (Rev. 12:14). Most scholars believe this a reference to Exodus 19:4 where the Lord described the way He protected the Israelites on their flight from Egypt using the same phrase.