Israel’s Missing Enemies


Thank you so much for your thorough yet simplistic, easy to grasp teaching style. I am grateful for your God-given wisdom, and also for teaching me how to correctly divide the Word of Truth. You are the best.

Could you please explain why Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan aren’t listed among the countries marching with Russia in the battle of Ezekiel 38-39?


There are only two reasons why they wouldn’t be involved. One is that they’re at peace with Israel, which could be the case with Iraq. The other is that they will have been defeated in a previous battle which is likely for Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Psalm 83 could be a prophecy that depicts Israel’s next door neighbors coming against Israel and being defeated. This could include Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and their client terrorist groups, the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Hamas. Isaiah 17 tells of a future battle with Israel where Damascus, the capital of Syria, is so totally destroyed that it will never be inhabited again. Both of these prophecies seem likely to be fulfilled before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 takes place.