It’s About Time


I love your teachings on Time, how God is outside Time and sees it all from beginning to end.

When we as believers are Raptured when Christ meets us in the air and we go to be with Him, will we not step outside the physical 4th dimension of Time and and meet our Saviour. Then 7 years later after Tribulation on the earth we will return with Him in His Second Coming to Earth.

Now as we go in the Rapture only to return 7 years later to begin the Millennium, will 7 years have passed for we who were not on the earth going through the Tribulation? If we have been with Christ outside of the restraints of Time and Space on earth and are in eternity with Him, couldn’t we spend as much time as we like with Him. Getting to know Him, going through the Bema Seat Judgments, having a feast and getting to know our loved ones who passed on as believers, along with learning from all the characters of the Bible we’ve longed to talk with. We could spend a 1000 years with our Savior and then be re-injected into time at the exact point when Christ returns at His Second Coming? What are your thoughts on this?


I don’t pretend to understand the properties of time, but I’ve been told that beings without mass aren’t governed by it. Being a spirit (John 4:24) God is exempt and that’s how He can know the end from the beginning. It also explains how the spirits of all the resurrected saints can get their new bodies and arrive in Heaven at the same time as we who are raptured with out having been “warehoused” some where for varying amounts of the past 2000 years.

I’ve also read that even physical beings experience time differently depending on their location. For instance twin brothers become astronauts. One goes into deep space, traveling at a high rate of speed. The other stays on Earth in mission control. When the two are reunited the orbiting twin will be younger than his brother, the amount dependent upon his speed and the length of his journey. The faster he flew the younger he’ll be, because the faster he goes, the slower time goes.

Or how about this one from Gerald Schroeder, author of Genesis and the Big Bang. During the same time a person standing on Earth would notice the passage of 10 billion years, a person standing at the known outer edge of the universe would notice the passage of just 6 days. Time is relative, so how it’s measured depends on where one is.

As for how we’ll notice the passage of time during the minimum of seven years we’ll be missing from Earth, we’ll have to wait and see. If the heaven to which we’re going is a parallel dimension, as I suspect, the measure of time will likely be altogether different.

But it does appear that in our resurrection bodies we’ll freed from the constraints of time even while on Earth, entering and leaving the time domain at will. I believe that we’ll also be given full use of the 4th dimension, instead of just being able to move ahead and look back as things are now. Any way you look at it, it sure is exciting. I can hardly wait.