Jeremiah’s Field And The New Temple


Somewhere in the Book of Jeremiah , God tells Jeremiah to purchase a plot of land and seal the deed in a clay pot and bury it. From my calculations this plot of land is in Anathoth, which is just north of present day Jerusalem. Could this be the deed for the plot where the new temple will be built? And isn’t this pot somehow reserved to be found in our time?


The transaction you speak of is in Jeremiah 32. Its purpose was to show the people of Judah that even though they were being taken captive to Babylon, they would be back and would once again buy and sell property in the Promised Land. Jeremiah’s children could dig up the pot and have a legitimate claim to the land he purchased in Anathoth, his home town.

I believe the New Temple will be in Shiloh, based in part on the research on Clarence Larkin. Anathoth and Shiloh were in the same general vicinity, but while Anathoth was only 5 miles from Jerusalem, Shiloh was about 10 miles further away.