Jesus And God


I’ve been reading the articles about the trinity, and I would say your answers are as correct as they can be on this subject. However, is your standing that one must believe in the trinity to be saved?

I ask this because I’ have always told people to just be focused on Christ, and that they must believe he was God in the flesh And to pray and ask God to reveal the truth in their hearts. Am I looking at this in the wrong way?


In order for Jesus to die in our place He had to be man. In order for Him to forgive our sins He has to be God. The New Testament tells us that He did both. Jesus claimed to be God. (John 10:30) John and Paul agreed.(John 1:1 & Col. 1:19) Even God testifies that Jesus is God in Hebrews 1:8. I believe that it’s critical for believers to know that their Creator is also their Savior and Redeemer.