Jesus And The Dali Lama


I wanted to get your input what Jesus might have been doing from age 12 to 30. Are there extra-biblical sources that discuss this time period? I have a friend that insists that Jesus went to India during this time and had contact with Indian leaders such as the Dali lama. Do you know if this would have been possible? He mentioned that these people had called Jesus Esu and that there were historical documents to substantiate these claims. I do not necessarily agree with him but was curious about this claim.


There are lots of stories about what Jesus did between the ages of 12 and 30, but none of them are contained in the Bible. That means anything He did during those years was irrelevant to His ministry and to us.

If Jesus did visit with the Dali Lama (and I don’t think He did) He would have told him there’s only one way to Heaven and that’s to accept the pardon He was going to purchase for mankind with His own blood.

I think it’s far more likely that Jesus worked with His earthly father Joseph in the family carpentry shop in Nazareth, like any other Jewish boy of His time would have done.