Joel And Malachi


My question concerns Joel 2:31 and the opinion of another teacher. This teacher says that Joel 2:31 will take place before the tribulation.He also says Elijah will come before the tribulation according to Malachi 4:5-6. I I find this fascinating and exciting,but I also realize that the rapture could occur before these two events even though they will be pretrib. I value your opinion so much. I would really appreciate a response.


Joel 2:31 describes the sun going dark and the moon turning red. This is also mentioned in Rev. 6:12. Malachi 4:5-6 promises the return of Elijah. Both events are said to happen before the Day of the Lord. Arnold is interpreting that phrase to mean before the Great Tribulation, which is a reasonable thing to do.

As you know, I believe the two witnesses of Rev. 11 are Moses and Elijah. Since the Great Tribulation begins on Earth in Rev. 13, and both Rev. 6 and Rev. 11 precede it, this view is consistent with my understanding.