Joseph, Mary, Adam And Noah


I was fascinated by your explanation about the genealogy of Joseph and Mary both from the same Royal bloodline. I believe that very few people know about this that Joseph is a Prince by birth and Mary is a Princess by birth both from the bloodline of King David.

I have something in my mind that maybe you can help explain to me. Did Adam reach the fourth generation or his fourth great grandson? Or probably Noah?


Although Joseph and Mary were both descendants of King David, only Joseph was in the cursed royal blood line of Solomon. Mary was descended from Nathan, Solomon’s brother.

Adam died 930 years after the creation and lived to see nine more generations, dying 56 years after Noah’s father Lamech was born.

Noah was born 1056 years after the creation and died 950 years later when Abraham was 59 years old. Noah’s son Shem was born 99 years before the Great flood and outlived Abraham by 33 years.

Some believe that Abraham and Shem were acquainted. If so then there was a direct link between pre-flood and post-flood civilizations.