Joseph’s Dreams


I have a question about Genesis 37:9-10. Joseph has a dream that his brothers and father and mother will bow down to him. Later on when Joseph is in Egypt it appears that his mother did not come to bow down to Joseph because she died. What can this moon be referring to and how was it fulfilled?


Joseph had two dreams in Genesis 37. When the brothers bowed down before Joseph (Genesis 42:6) they were fulfilling his first dream of the 12 sheaves of wheat (Genesis 37:5-8). Notice how Jacob was guessing at the meaning of the second dream (Genesis 37:9-10), not really interpreting it.

From Rev. 12:1-6 we see that in the second dream, the woman (Rachael) is a type of Israel giving birth to the Messiah (represented in the dream by Joseph) who will rule the nations with an iron hand. Before Him every knee will bow.

Some have counted over 100 instances in the life of Joseph where he serves as a type of the Messiah. In fact, the Essenes, who believed in two Messiahs, named the first one Messiah son of Joseph.