Joseph’s Pharaoh


Who do you think was the Pharaoh during Joseph’s time? Could it be Ahkenaten? He belived in only one God, a sun god, and then when he died the
Egyptians erased all evidence of him. Just curious because the Pharaoh believed what Joseph told him about his dreams, and I assume he knew Joseph
was a Hebrew who believed in only one God.


Some say Joseph’s Pharaoh was Apopi (Apopis) the last of the Hyksos kings. The Hyksos were monotheistic Shepherd kings who were not native to Egypt, but who conquered them and then converted them to monotheism. They ruled Egypt for about 5 centuries before being driven out. The fact that Akhenaten reigned from 1353-1333 puts him after the traditional date for the Exodus (1490 BC) too late for him to have been Pharaoh at the time of Joseph, 400 years before the Exodus.