Judging Angels


Were angels created with free will? If Lucifer fell from grace by exercising free will in declaring himself God’s equal, and about one-third of the remaining angels in heaven apparently did the same and followed Lucifer when he was banished to earth, does that mean that any of the remaining two-thirds of the angel complement still remaining with God in heaven could yet deny God and also be banished to earth to dwell in Satan’s realm? And will fallen angels be judged in The Great White Throne Judgment, or is that reserved for human unrepentant sinners only?

Thank you for continuing to render concise clarity to the matrix of God’s teachings.


Like humans, angels have intellect, agency (free will) and eternal existence. Angels remaining faithful to God could theoretically rebel and side with Satan at some time, although there’s no record of that ever happening other than at Satan’s rebellion. A judgment of angels is mentioned in 1 Cor. 6:3 where the Church acts as judge, in 2 Peter 2:4, and in Jude 1:6 where the judgment is called the Great Day, which is likely a reference to the Great White Throne Judgment.