Judgment Before Adam?


Can you please explain or shed some light on what Jeremiah is talking about in Jeremiah 4:23? Did God let Jeremiah see into the past at the creation and into something deeper?


Jeremiah 4:23 is the only place outside of Genesis 1:2 where the two Hebrew words translated formless and void are used. This leads some to believe that God let Jeremiah have a glimpse of a pre-Adamic judgment that occurred between Genesis 1:1 & 1:2. Those who hold this view, of which I’m one, place the fall and judgment of Lucifer here. Later on, in Isaiah 45:19, one of these words was used to declare that God didn’t create the world “formless” but formed it to be inhabited. This lends further credence to the view the God didn’t create the world formless and void, but that it became that way.