Keeping A Promise To God


In the past years I received a promise, and then I received many signs that confirmed that promise. But I have sinned because I made a promise to God too and I have not fulfilled it but I am working on that every day to fulfill the promise. I requested pardon to God for that things but my question is : Have I lost my promise? or God is going to fulfill the promise or it is possible that God will retract the promise by my behavior?

Thank you for paying attention to my question


Normally God doesn’t make conditional promises. If He says He’s going to do something, then He does it regardless of our response. Remember, because He knows the end from the beginning, none of your behavior can ever surprise Him. Before He made His promise to you, He knew you were going to have trouble keeping your promise to Him. But He did it anyway.

The guilt you feel is a combination of letting yourself down and Satan trying to drive a wedge between you and God. If you’ve sincerely asked for God’s forgiveness, then He’s given it. Now you should rebuke your guilt and ask God to forgive you for doubting His promise.