Kept Out Or Guarded In?


I have discovered that the word “tereo” is used in Rev 3:10 and John 17:15 which means to guard and watch over in a specific time, not to be physically removed. With this difference in words, is it not fair to say that we will be guarded in the hour of trial and not physically removed as the Isrealites were protected and guarded during the 10 plagues?


The phrase “keep you from” in Rev. 3:10 is “tereo se ek” in Greek. Tereo appears 75 times in the Bible and is translated “keep” 57 of those. “Se” means “you”, and “ek”which is translated “from” in Rev. 3:10 is often translated “out of”. It literally means to be out of both the time and place of the event it concerns. Therefore it’s correct to say that the Lord will keep the Church out of the time and place of the hour of trial being referenced in Rev. 3:10. This translation makes Rev. 3:10 agree with 1 Thes. 1:10 where Paul said the Lord will rescue (deliver) the church from the wrath to come.

John 17:15 is part of a prayer that begins in John 17:6 and continues through John 17:19. Jesus was offering it on behalf of His disciples who were there with Him on the night of His arrest. Some try to use this verse as an argument against the pre-Trib rapture. But to do so, they have to change both the purpose and scope of His prayer, which was to seek divine protection from Satan for His disciples.