Kicking People When They’re Down


I was checking my Facebook recently and discovered that my sister’s boyfriend (they’re both in their 50’s) posted a video of Christian Music personalities who’ve been caught in sin. I must admit it was a shock to see this, and left me at a loss for words. I know there are tons of “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven” cliche’s, but with the times being what they are, I guess I’m looking for more meat in response to all this.


The fact that a 50-year-old man would pull an immature stunt like this shows how much he’s hurting inside, and may even be an indication as to how unworthy he thinks he is in God’s sight. What he needs is to be reassured that God will accept him. It’s not an accident that you discovered this. He wanted it to happen. Think of it as a cry for help.

As for the rest of the world, the only outcome of mocking fallen Christians is that non-believers get an opportunity to slander a God they don’t believe in. Not a single believer can be lost due to this, and even the ones who’ve fallen still belong to God. Neither can they be blamed if someone fails to become a believer after hearing about them. We’re all responsible for ourselves, regardless of the behavior of others.

What will happen is the people who post this kind of garbage will have to answer to God for kicking His children while they’re down.