King James Only?


Thank you again for your web site and the time you take to answer questions. I was Reading an article about why this man who is well educated considers the KJV to be the only Bible version that is accurate. I know you also use the NIV besides the KJV when you have written your articles. I would like to know what you think about what this man said about the KJV being the only accurate Bible version.


Every English language translation is flawed to some degree because they’re all human efforts and subject to human prejudices. Also, some words don’t move accurately from Hebrew or Greek to English. What’s remarkable is the fact that the salvation message is so well preserved in all of them. As you know, I use the NIV most frequently in quoting from the Bible. I do this because it reads more easily. Where it seems to me to be saying something different than the Hebrew or Greek language intended, I explain the difference. Good teachers who feature the King James do a lot of this too. In my opinion, there is nothing to the idea that the King James is more inspired or more accurate than other legitimate translations. They all have their “problem verses”.