Kingdom Now


Is it safe to say the reformed theology you mentioned, gave birth to the “Kingdom now” theology we hear so much of in these days?


“Kingdom Now” is a form of post-millennialism. It’s a view that the Lord will return after the Millennium, which they see as a golden age of Christian prosperity and dominance. This is in contrast to pre-millennialism which holds that the Lord will return before the Millennium as revealed by Rev. 20:4.

Most of what you hear about it today comes from the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement, where many are teaching the coming of a great world wide revival in advance of the Lord’s return. They support this teaching with Genesis 1:28 where God commanded Adam and Eve to take dominion over the Earth, which in their view has never happened. For that reason some refer to this as “dominionism” or “dominion theology.”

Since most reformed theologians don’t believe in a literal millennium (they are amillennial) “Kingdom Now” is not compatible with reformed theology.