Kings Of The Rising Sun


Re: Kings Of The East. I have a problem. You state several times in the article, “the Far East”. The Bible only states “from the East”. Why do you say the events of your study involve the far east?


The phrase Kings of the East is from Rev. 16:12 where the context is the drying up of the Euphrates River to allow them to cross. So first of all we know these kings come from east of the Euphrates River. Also, the Greek word translated “east” actually means “rising sun”, so the phrase literally means “kings of the rising sun”. When we say the Sun rises in the east, we don’t just mean east of where ever we are, we mean as far east as we can go. Japan is as far east as we can go, and it’s known as the Land of the Rising Sun. Put it all together and the phrase “far east” begins to make sense.