Left Without A Witness?


I really appreciate your site and believe the Lord uses it to prepare His people for His coming. My question is this: If Daniel’s seventieth week, or seven years for the Jewish people, begins at the conclusion of Ezekiel’s war and the rapture occurs sometime before that, would that not leave the world without a witness in the interim? This seems inconsistent with God’s modus operandi to remove His Spirit with the believers in the rapture before Israel is prepared by the miracles of deliverance in Ezekiel 38 and 39 to take over their place as His witness.


The Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the world before the great flood. (Genesis 6:3) After Malachi, Israel was left without a prophet for 400 years until the Messiah came. I don’t see any inconsistency in the Church being raptured before Daniel’s 70th Week begins. I also think the rapture itself will be a great witness. It will cause many fence sitters to understand what they missed and alert the world to what has happened.