Letters From Islam


I just wanted to clarify is that Imam AlMahdi (AS) could not & can not be be the Anti- Christ. AlMahdi appears to fight the Evil & spread peace & love among humanity & on the earth. Yes, we do believe that Jesus (Peace be upon him) would appear with AlMahdi & they will be together & not against each other. May God bless you all.


I’ve received several eMails like this from people who I presume to be followers of Islam. This is an area where Islam and Christianity disagree. The Bible says that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He does not share His rule with anyone and is certainly not subordinate to anyone, as He is portrayed in Islamic prophecies.

Bible prophecies characterize the anti-Christ as one who initially appears on Earth as a peace maker during a time of great chaos and brings a period of peace to Earth which includes the establishment of a world wide religion. It is this part of Bible prophecy that makes the anti-Christ appear similar to Islamic prophecy of al Mahdi.