Letting My Light Shine


I am really struggling with mental attacks, can you please keep me in your prayers? What I am struggling with is how do I let my light shine before men? When I am with non-believers whether family or co-workers I don’t know how to witness and when I don’t I come under condemnation.



Romans 8:1 declares, “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Any condemnation you’re experiencing is coming from the Enemy. Memorize Romans 8:1 and next time you experience the condemnation, repeat it out loud until you don’t feel that way anymore.

Then, instead of trying to come up with something clever to say, ask the Lord to lead you when you feel the need to witness. If He wants you to do it, He’ll empower you. If He doesn’t, don’t say anything because you’ll just be trying to perform in your own strength, it won’t have the desired result, and you’ll feel bad again.

When you’ve relaxed and no longer feel the pressure to perform, He’ll put the words in your mouth and everything will work just fine. Remember that the Lord said to let your light shine, not to make it shine. We’re at our most effective when we let people see the Lord at work in our lives instead of trying to force Him on them.