Licensing Pastors


This past Christmas we had several friends and family over to celebrate the holiday.

After the Christmas meal, it was decided to have the Lord’s Supper. I, as head of household, officiated the event. Everyone took part in it except my mother-in-law.

Come to find out from my wife recently, the reason why she abstained was she wanted to know “where I had the audacity to perform the Lords Supper in my own home without having a legally licensed pastor officiating the ceremony.”

Anyway, do you know off the top of your head where the Bible states that I, as head of household, have the authority as Jesus did to perform such ceremonies as well as “cast out demons, claim my territory over my family from evil, etc…”


There’s nothing in the Bible about non-licensed people performing ceremonies because there’s nothing in the Bible about people needing licenses. The idea of licensing pastors came with the advent of denominations who wanted to be sure that their pastors perform in a manner that’s consistent with their official practices and beliefs. Even today, in most places a license is not necessary to be a pastor unless it involves representing a denomination that requires licensing.