Life After The Rapture


In partial answer to the question Why Is Satan Still Free? You said: “If there was no evil in the world we would not have free will. We could only do and be good. Because of Satan we can love God and live in a manner that’s pleasing to Him by choice. This makes our love meaningful to Him. Otherwise we’d just be mindless robots.”

What are the implications of the above statements for our lives after the Rapture? Are we going to be mindless robots or will there be evil so that we can have free will? If there is evil what would keep us from falling again?


God would not have gone to such extremes to save us only to risk losing us again. After the rapture, we’ll be perfected humans, immortal like Adam and Eve were before the fall. We’ll have free will but no desire to sin. Also Satan will be bound (Rev. 20:2) and nothing impure can enter the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:27). And last but not least we have Eternal Security, which means just what it says, and is an extra protection Adam and Eve didn’t have.