Life Before Sin


I am having a hard time trying to understand that animals such as sharks didn’t eat fish until Adam & Eve sinned and would have possibly eaten something like seaweed or other oceanic plant life. It sounds like a really weak argument especially since sharks are clearly designed to be brutal killing machines. I don’t understand how sharks could possibly get all the nutrients it needed from plant life one day, and then everything changed due to sin and it’s body needed blood the day after…Just like I can’t see a rattlesnake, another animal clearly designed to kill, picking off a flower before the Fall and then taking down a mouse after.

I understand that the Bible is a book of salvation and doesn’t always give specifics on non-salvation issues, but there has to be a way to reconcile this somehow.

I’m trying to believe everything the Bible teaches and thus that no death existed before the Fall, but any answer I’ve heard really seems to be far fetched and without substance. Any ideas? Thanks!


If man was apparently a vegetarian before the flood, but became an omnivore afterward, a feared hunter of his former companions on Earth, why couldn’t a shark make a similar transition? If wolves and lions will be content eating straw alongside their former prey (Isaiah 65:25) in the future, couldn’t they have been changed into carnivores in the past as well? Eve didn’t think it was strange to talk with a snake before the fall but we certainly would now.

We have no way of even speculating on the extent to which things were different before sin entered the world, nor the extent to which the restoration after the 2nd Coming will change things we take for granted now. All we know is what we see today.