Life In The Kingdom


I’ve been studying ALL the millennium articles on your site, since my husband and I keep coming back to it in conversations ….. he’s reading the latest Tim LaHaye book “The Kingdom Come- the Final Victory” …. I have not read it yet, but it seems by the bits and pieces my husband has shared with me, that it is more fiction than scriptural… HOWEVER, it has precipitated much conversation ! Hence my studying all your articles — since I trust your teachings.

One of our questions is : what will we (the raptured church ) be doing for one thousand years? I can’t believe we’ll be walking the golden streets and praising the LORD only? (Although that will be great!) My understanding is that we will all have jobs to do … but will the “jobs” involve the things we did here on earth (i.e.: I was a registered nurse– so probably that particular skill won’t be needed , since we have Jesus, the trees that have healing leaves,and rivers with healing waters.)

Or will the “jobs” involve our spiritual gifts more ? (i.e.: my gifts involve intercessory prayer, exhortation, and teaching) Who will I pray for or teach, since we’ll all be “completed” saints?

What are your thoughts and what do the scriptures say, if anything?


To the best of my knowledge, everything written about life in the Millennium describes how the Jews will live on earth. The role of the Church is not described in any detail. That’s why Tim LaHaye’s book has to be mostly fiction. All we’re told is that it’s beyond out ability to imagine. I’ve always felt that if the Lord told us anything about it we’d be even more anxious to get there and might even try to arrange an early departure.