Life’s Most Important Choices. Follow Up


I read your article on Life’s Most Important Choices with great interest, but it only made me feel down. Either you make things look very easy or I’m still a long way from the Church because I’m not a bit humble, and many times I do not help others as you say we should. Instead, I’m in a constant battle against my lustful thoughts and my arrogance. Every single day I ask the Lord for His forgiveness, only to make the same mistakes again. For me, things are not as easy as you paint them. I’m living some hard times, I don’t have any friends, my wife calls me selfish, and my bosses are trying to do everything they can so I’ll go on my own so they won’t have to pay me all the money they would have to pay if they fired me. I had the hope of going in the Rapture, but it seems I’m not worthy of the Lord. What must I do?


If you’re a born again believer you don’t have to do anything else to qualify for the rapture, so you can stop worrying about that. But your situation tells me you’re not living in the Lord’s will. This means if you don’t change things you’re probably not going to have anything to show for your life as a believer when you stand before Him. Jesus said if we remain in Him we can bear much fruit, but apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5).

The advice I gave in the last paragraph was meant for you. Begin implementing Romans 12:1-2 in your life today. Turn your life completely over to Him. Don’t make a single decision until you’re convinced it’s what He wants for you. Stop doing the things you feel guilty about and have to ask forgiveness for. You shouldn’t quit your job unless it requires you to do things that violate either God’s law or man’s, but if you’re fired don’t worry. You’re never too old for the Lord to use and if you seek Him first He’ll meet all your needs.