Lift Up Your Heads


Regarding Luke 21:28, I always thought it was talking about the second coming, and if that is true then we will be coming with Him, and won’t have to be looking up. What is the correct understanding of this verse?



Luke 21:28 is a summary verse. It refers back to verses 25-27, which contain descriptions of various end times signs that will end with the 2nd coming. (Notice these verses are in the 3rd person, which means the Lord was speaking about others.) Then verse 28 begins with, “When these things (end times signs) begin to take place …” Here the Lord switched to the 2nd person, which means He’s speaking to us. It means as soon as we see the first of the end times signs we should be expecting the Lord to come for us at any time. Many scholars believe the end times signs have begun and that our departure will take place very soon, well before the 2nd Coming.