Who Are The Lions?


To whom is Ps 34.10 reffering? The context makes no sense to me. I realize the term lions means different things in bible depending on context but here…? I have researched this but cannot find satisfactory answer.


You may be over thinking the passage. The lions in Psalm 34:10 are just who they appear to be. If you back up to verse 8, you see the psalmist saying those who take refuge in the Lord are blessed. In verse 9 he says those fear the Lord will lack for nothing. Then verse 10 says the lions may grow weak and hungry but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Lions were the most powerful beasts they knew, but even they could grow weak and hungry in adverse times. But men who are not nearly as powerful as lions can be sure they’ll always have enough by taking refuge in the Lord, by fearing Him, and seeking Him.