Literal Babylon Or The US?


A discussion about the involvement of America in the End Times scenario came up and we were looking at Revelation 18. In this discussion, some felt that the U.S. fits the description given to Babylon.

With the number of abortions numbering in the tens of millions, the fight to take God out of everything, and the emasculation of objective moral values, it does make sense that our sins have reached up into heaven as verse 5 mentions.

I would greatly appreciate any insight into this discussion. Do you believe the U.S. fits Babylon or do you have a better country in mind?


Here’s a link to the commentary I just published on Rev.17-18. In it I reference the prophecy of Zechariah 5:5-11 that speaks of “the iniquity” being removed from its current location to a place that will have been prepared for it in Babylon.

No such prophecy has ever been fulfilled. Nor has Babylon ever been so totally destroyed the Bible requires. If, as I believe, Zech. 5 refers to the re-emergence of Babylon as the headquarters for the worldwide religious/governmental/commercial power of the anti-Christ, then Rev. 17-18 speak of the destruction of literal Babylon and are not meant to represent any other place.