Living In A Sin Filled City


I know this will sound like the dumbest question in the world but here goes: my sister and family moved to Pahrump Nevada where prostitution is legal. My sister and her family are born again Christians. My sister’s son is around 21 years old, married with 2 little girls and decided to look for a job at a brothel. Isn’t this wrong? Shouldn’t we have nothing to do with stuff like this and also shouldn’t we avoid the appearance of evil? He boasts and says, oh I would never be tempted even if I worked there.


Sometimes people have to move where their work requires and in some places, Las Vegas for example, there is a large Christian community that’s not involved in the major industry.

That said, there are many reasons why Christians should not approve of prostitution. If the sex industry is a major part of the local economy, and if I had a choice, I personally would pick somewhere else to raise my family.