Living In Exciting Times


I watch and wait eagerly for more signs of the imminent Battle described in Isaiah 17. Every day seems to bring it closer, as the partnerships between Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Muslim Africa strengthen before our very eyes! We truly live in exciting times!
My question is regarding the Isaiah 17 battle, and the preceding “peace”… It seems to me that a peace that would be broken by surprise in the battle described in Ezekiel 38-39, and would also get Israel the plot of land between Jericho and Jerusalem (for burying the horde) would also get Israel the Temple Mount. It only seems reasonable to me that Israel would not be “lulled” into a peace without a Temple. It seems that if the rapture is timed between Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38, we could have even a decade still before we see our Lord. Your thoughts?


I believe both the Battle of Isaiah 17 and the rapture have to occur before the Battle of Ezekiel 38, but these events are not really connected. The church will be raptured when its full number has been reached (Romans 11:25). This could happen either before or after Isaiah 17. After the Church is gone the Lord’s focus will be on Israel again (Acts 15:13-18) . The event that begins the restoration of Israel to their covenant with God and compels them to build a temple is the Battle of Ezekiel 38, because that’s when the blinders Paul spoke of in Romans 11:25 will come off and they’ll recognize the Lord’s hand in their victory. (Ezek. 39:22).

But I believe Matt. 24:34 says these and all other end times events will happen within a Biblical lifespan of 1948 when Israel was reborn. According to Psalm 90:10 an average lifespan is about 70 years.

Of course this isn’t a “thus saith the Lord” kind of pronouncement, but is just my opinion based on my interpretation of Scripture. If it’s correct we don’t have anywhere near a decade left, so as you’ve said we truly live in exciting times.