Loving God As He Loves Us


After Jesus’ resurrection, and the time he appeared to the disciples after they had gone fishing. Where Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him and Peter replies in a different word, meaning he loved Him as a brother. Finally the third time that Jesus asked Peter the same question, He used the same word that Peter was using for love. I am wondering if it is possible for us to love Jesus and the Father in the same way that They love us, that is with an agape love. I know that Jesus is very dear to me and I love Him with all my heart, but am wondering if is possible for us as humans to love as God loves.


I don’t believe it will be possible for us to love the Lord as He loves us until after our sin nature is removed. As long as we have this defect, we’re always going to be too concerned with self to be totally given over to someone else, even Jesus. He said money and other earthly matters will often get in the way of loving Him (Matt. 6:24) and Paul said even a spouse can be a distraction (1 Cor. 7:32-35). Most of us are in at least one of those situations and many are in both. I think one of the lessons from Peter’s “reinstatement” is that the Lord can accept us as we are, with all our shortcomings, and be content.