Madrid Interfaith Meeting


What are your thoughts on the interfaith meeting in Madrid? I wonder if the “one world religion” could simply be the “tolerance” espoused by so many these days. It’s okay to be any faith, as long as you don’t put your beliefs into action, or even speak them. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your website. It is such a blessing. I have printed some of the articles and keep them in a book. There’s someone that I think might need them someday.


You’ve probably noticed that this tolerance toward other religions excludes Biblical Christianity and Orthodox Judaism. But I agree that it will lead the world into the End Times religion. However, within a few years after the Church is gone, religion will become specifically directed toward Satan and the worship of any thing or anyone else will not be tolerated. The choice will be to worship Satan or die. (Rev. 13:15)