Maligning The Word Of God?


What is your opinion of Titus 2:5 where women are encouraged to stay busy at home and to be subject to their husbands so they won’t malign the word of God. I ask because many men like me are unable to make enough to support their family, either because they can’t find work or because the work they can find doesn’t pay enough. As a nurse my wife’s income is sufficient to support us while I get enough education to qualify myself for a better paying job. During this time I will also be taking care of our home and child. As soon as I can I intend to become our family’s breadwinner allowing my wife to stay at home with our child. In the mean time are we maligning the word of God by reversing our roles?


Simply stated, the Biblical model of parenting is for the father to provide for the family’s needs and for the mother to take care of their home and children. Many parents have abandoned that model in our generation for a variety of reasons. You have indicated that your intent is to follow the Biblical model, but to do so you have to go to school while your wife temporarily assumes the role of primary bread winner.

I can’t see any sense in which this is dishonoring to God. He looks at the motives of our heart, not just at our actions, and your motives seem to be consistent with His desires.