Messiah Or Christ?


Why do you persist in refusing to use “Messiah” as the correct definition of our Savior? Your constant use of the word ‘Christ’ simply continues to maintain your readers in ignorance rather than to enlighten them with the truth of His name which is, “YaH-SHua Ha-MaSHiaCH” or in English… Jesus the Messiah. When He lived and began His ministry never was the name ‘Christ’ used! Messiah, yes, but Christ? No!


The name Jesus the Messiah does not appear anywhere in either the Old or New Testament English translations. The Hebrew word Mashiach appears 39 times in the Hebrew Old Testament but is only translated Messiah twice, in Daniel 9:259:26. All other times it’s translated anointed or anointed one and refers to various high priests and kings including Cyrus the Persian in Isaiah 45:1.

The name Jesus Christ appears 258 times in the English New Testament. The word Christ appears alone an additional 313 times and always refers to Jesus. Christ is the English translation of Christos, the Greek word for Mashiach. Since the New Testament was originally written in Greek, the Lord’s name was written as Iesous Christos from the very beginning. In Hebrew it’s Yeshua haMashiach, and in English it’s Jesus Christ. They all refer to the same person.