Messianic Passover Meal


My friends and myself are thinking about preparing a Passover Seder meal. Do you have any info about what we should make? Any recipes’? If not, how do we go about getting them? In your opinion, would this glorify the Lord? Would this insult Him? Also, in one of the articles that I read about this meal, it said that we were supposed to drink about 4 glasses of wine. I would fall over drinking that much wine. I haven’t had a drink in 12 years.


The word “seder” means “order” and signifies that there’s a specific order to a Passover Meal. You should be able to get all the instructions you need including menu suggestions and recipes through an online search. I Googled “Messianic Seder Instructions” and found several resources. A Messianic passover celebration would not insult the Lord and you would gain valuable perspective from experiencing one. There are four cups of wine in the meal based on the 4 promises of Exodus 6:6-7, but it only requires a sip or two for each one so you can observe all four and consume less than one small glass of wine.