Millennium Or Eternity?


In a recent post you wrote:

What follows the Millennium? God only knows. The Bible, being the handbook for the Age of Man speaks neither of events before its beginning nor after its end. It instructs us on only three things of eternal duration. God Himself (Isa 43:10), life for believers (John 3:16), and punishment for unbelievers (Matt 25:46). The rest is left for us to wonder about, and for God to reveal as it suits His purpose.”

At the end of Revelations, it says there will be “new heavens and a new earth”…..In light of your writing above, what is your interpretation of the new heavens and new earth?


The phrase new heaven and new earth in Rev. 21 is taken from Isaiah 65:17 where the context is the Millennium. Rev. 21 is also about the Millennium. In Matt. 19:28 Jesus called this time the restoration (renewal or regeneration) of all things. The phrase new Heaven and new Earth refers to their restoration to the condition they were in before the Fall of Adam. Brand new again.