Ministering To the Back Slidden


Do you know of any ministry, particularly on the web, that deals specifically with those who were once saved but are now unfaithful?

I follow a variety of ministers in America, but I don’t see anyone in particular who is actively pursuing the present day backslidden. I think that specific kind of ministry is desperately needed. And while I know there is supposed to be a great falling away, and apostasy, still…there is gleaning that can be done in fields post the general harvest, and even burnt-over fields can and do experience regrowth. Please do not take this question as a criticism — you clearly have a true servants heart, and I am so very grateful for your web ministry.


Once a person is saved, the Lord assumes responsibility for them (2 Cor. 1:21-22). When they wander off He is the one who brings them back (Luke 15:4-7), and He has promised never to lose even one of us (John 6:39-40). I’m sure He has many who assist Him in this effort. Just because they don’t receive the publicity some others get, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.