Misquoting Jesus?


There is a popular book out claiming to tell us what Jesus really said. In the opinion of the author, Jesus never claimed to be God and there is no hell.  How would you deal with someone of this ilk that wants to use a lot of flowery language to flatly deny the deity of Christ or anything about Christianity?



I read lots of fiction, but when it comes to theology I don’t read fiction that claims to be the truth. I only read theological works by born again believers who hold to a literal interpretation of Scripture. And when I want to know what Jesus said, I look in His Word.

Saying there’s no Hell is like saying there is no gravity. It exists whether you believe in it or not. And just like the one who jumps off a building to prove there’s no gravity, by the time they discover they were wrong about Hell it’ll be too late.

My guess is that the person who doesn’t believe in Hell doesn’t believe in a lot of other things the Bible says either. Someone who’s really seeking the Lord won’t be distracted by something so easily disprovable.